A born and bred greater Bostonian, country music was not a huge influence to Liv as a child.  More earthy, vocally accentuated rock and roll pervaded the household, including artists like The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Melissa Ethridge and Heart.  It wasn't until watching Martina McBride on television while in high school she discovered her love of country music, and has been the focus of her talents since. 
Liv moved to Nashville and graduated from Belmont University as a songwriting major in 2015.  Since then she's been both writing and performing her music across the country, as well as has worked in publishing for the bands Rascal Flatts and Brothers Osborne.  

Liv has been described as "sassy" and "independent" and her music definitely represents her personality.  She says, "While I do write the heartfelt stuff, I really love to write the fun stuff.  I want my music to make people happy and inspire them to liv(e) their best life."